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Meet the new and improved Apto

Mar 1, 2017

With a brand-new, completely reimagined user experience, Apto is more powerful and easier to use than ever.

That means you get a better way to visualize your business. With a streamlined workflow dedicated to your process as a commercial real estate broker, you’ll be more efficient, make more money, and leave work early every day.

Ok, maybe not every day, but we do think you'll love what the new and improved Apto can do for you. Here’s a preview.

See where you should invest your time

Many brokers we talk to say they spend about half an hour in the morning planning their day. With our new design, you get a streamlined view of your business that allows you to take action right away, at any point in the day. Everything you do in the technology—make a call, move a deal to the next stage, add a listing, send an email—rolls up into reports and dashboards, making it easier than ever to see where your business stands.


To dig a little deeper, let’s take a closer look at your Listings Activity Report. Maybe it shows that you’re a bit behind on marketing, so you carve out time that afternoon to send some emails.


Easier prospecting and preparation

Later that morning you’re preparing for a meeting with a client. You pull up the contact in Apto and immediately see everything you need: portfolio, current needs, conversation notes, outstanding tasks. No need to dig through emails or spreadsheets, it’s all right there. You have all the information you need to win the deal.


Property information at your fingertips

After that meeting you head out to a property tour. You pull up the listing in Apto, and you see all the relevant details alongside reporting and any recent activity.


Nice, right? And this only scratches the surface of what the new Apto can do for you. If you want a more in-depth look,
just let us know.

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Russ Duncan

Written by Russ Duncan

Russ is Apto's Director of Product Marketing and helps drive product direction through customer discovery, consulting, research and advocacy. Russ is a CRE tech industry veteran and has held several positions at Digital Map Products, including Product Manager, Customer Success Manager, & Solution Engineer. He's a serial observationalist interested in understanding the built and natural environments, systems of engagement and movement of information; and moreover how people use and interact with them.

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