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New ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Brokerage (And Yourself)

Nov 10, 2016

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Marketing-Your-Brokerage.pngWe’re excited to announce our latest ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Brokerage (And Yourself). This ebook lays out a simple but powerful marketing blueprint designed to keep the leads (and commissions!) flowing. That starts with setting yourself and your brokerage apart with top-notch marketing.  

First, you’ll learn how to tell a compelling market story. That means not just finding the relevant data and stats but making them come alive. You’ll invite clients into that story, allowing you to connect on a personal level while demonstrating your knowledge of the market.

Then you’ll need to position yourself to connect with the right clients. You can do that by focusing your expertise, building a strong web presence, showing off what you know on social media and making sure you don’t miss any connections.

That’s the broad view anyway. We walk you through the high-level strategies and the tools you need to implement them.

Download: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Brokerage (And Yourself)

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Elizabeth Knight

Written by Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth is a Marketing Manager at Apto. She loves words, cheeseburgers, polo, and the facepunch emoji.

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