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One easy way to prospect and find likely buyers quickly

May 23, 2019

Here at Apto, we’re all about giving commercial real estate brokers simple tools to put your information to work. Our CRM organizes your data the way you think and applies it the way you work. Here’s one of the ways we help you close more deals faster.

We call it Buyers Needs (or Tenants Needs, if that’s your thing), and it helps you prospect and find likely buyers quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works

As you have conversations with the people in your network, you simply log a note on what they’re looking for in your CRM. It could be something they state explicitly, an area they’re interested in, or simply what other kinds of properties they own. Anything that gives you an idea of how you could be of service to them, in the moment or in the future.

Then when you have a listing, you click a button and get a list of potential buyers or tenants. Then start calling.

Watch a quick video to get a better understanding

Take 30 seconds to learn a little more about Buyers Needs, then get a personalized demo of Apto to see how it can work for your business.

Russ Duncan

Written by Russ Duncan

Russ is Apto's Director of Product Marketing and helps drive product direction through customer discovery, consulting, research and advocacy. Russ is a CRE tech industry veteran and has held several positions at Digital Map Products, including Product Manager, Customer Success Manager, & Solution Engineer. He's a serial observationalist interested in understanding the built and natural environments, systems of engagement and movement of information; and moreover how people use and interact with them.

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