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Strictly social: How to build a broker brand

Sep 28, 2016

black_and_white_building-854038-edited.jpgThere are many ways to win business as a commercial real estate brokerit all depends on what type of broker you want to be.

You can be the broker that flyers buildings…spending your lunch break evading lobby guards while sneaking into properties to leave your “call an expert now” message, hoping the facilities manager sees it at the precise time that the company is ready for a move…

You can be the broker that prints off a database report of expiring leases…tracking down the telephone number of the operations manager who by now has had over a hundred brokers harass her for her business using the same list you have before delivering your two-minute pitch...

Or you can be the broker that clients seek out because you stand out…with a reputation for great deals and even better relationships.

If you’re interested in the latter, these three steps are for you.

1. Pick a niche.

Being a tenant representative isn’t enough to make you special. There are thousands of brokers claiming they represent tenants; why should anyone want to work with you specifically?

By narrowing down your services—by size of tenant and industry of tenant (50+ people in biotech), for example—you become known for your expertise.

Once you’ve defined your specialty, share it. Twitter, Linkedin and your own personal blog are vital platforms that will increase your personal SEO, attracting your target audience in the virtual world. Before you know it, the real world will quickly see you as the go-to person for real estate requirements in your wheelhouse.

2. Become an expert.

Becoming an expert in your field doesn’t happen overnight. You’re going to need to do the legwork and that means research. Researching trends, forecasts, deals done in the market, etc. Reading the newspaper worked in 2008, but nowadays if you don’t share an article at the right time, how does anyone know you’ve read it?

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Perception is key, and via Twitter + Linkedin, you’ll have new data at your fingerprints every day to know about, retweet, share and send via email to interested parties. The more you share, the higher your visibility, and in a game that’s all about numbers you want as many eyes looking at you as possible.

3. Open the conversation.

Let your clients speak for you. If you’re good at what you do you should have no problem asking your clients for a recommendation via Linkedin. There’s no Yelp for brokers (yet) and if you’ve heard the saying “you’re only as good as your last deal,” what they really mean is you’re only as good as your last relationship.                     

Word of mouth is the strongest social power you’ll ever havewith the right brand, your voice and the voices speaking your praise will be heard around the world.

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Kalin Kelly

Written by Kalin Kelly

Kalin Kelly is a partner at 357 Investments and works as a “Founder’s Broker.” She exclusively represents local and international clients on the purchase or lease of commercial property in San Francisco, advises start-up companies in their bottom-line workspace decisions, invests in aspiring purposeful companies and utilizes commercial real estate knowledge to create a more genuine version of brokerage.

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