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The best of commercial real estate data sources: Listings/availabilities

Nov 6, 2015

There are a vast number of companies that provide commercial real estate data, and it can be difficult to sort through them or know which ones are the best.

That's why we’ve gathered 52 of our favorite commercial real estate data providers across the following categories: Lease/Sales Transactions, Ownership Info, Mortgage/Financial Data, Property Data, Listings/Availabilities, Short-term/Coworking Space, Demographics, Geolocation and Broker Databases.

Here is a preview of some of the Listings/Availabilities companies you'll find in our brand new ebook, 52 Commercial Real Estate Data Source Services!


Catylist has a national database of commercial property for sale or lease that is aggregated from commercial MLS systems and major brokerage firms. They also offer tools for email communications, listing syndication and reporting.

Digsy is a platform to find office space based on specific requirements like location and space type. After answering a few short questions, options can be emailed within 24 hours. Each space is submitted by an expert that leverages their market intelligence and industry knowledge to find the best options at a lower price. Users can then pick their favorite properties and schedule a time to see them in person.

Tenants browse available office space, specializes in small space <2K sq. ft. The company gets paid when it can make a referral to a tenant representative broker and get a portion of the commission, and for advertisers on its website. The service is free for tenants to look, and brokers to list.

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Real Capital Markets (RCM)

RCM is a global marketplace for buying & selling commercial real estate. With a suite of online tools, they enable buyers and sellers to connect and transact more than $2.1 trillion in commercial property online. You get deal rooms to manage it all and a qualified buyer database to help you reach CRE decision makers for every asset type in every market.


Described as a “Zillow for commercial real estate,” RealMassive is a company that offers a platform for commercial real estate professionals to streamline their marketing, while providing critical insight into the performance of their space and buildings.

Rofo offers a targeted way to search for commercial real estate space. They work with thousands of landlords, commercial real estate brokers, and property managers who represent over 1 billion square feet of commercial real estate in 3,964 cities. Rofo provides a simple and efficient portal into your local commercial real estate market, whether you’re looking for a part-time office space, a new retail location, an industrial or manufacturing space, or a co-working facility.

There are eleven additional CRE data source companies in the Listings/Availabilities category alone! Download the full ebook to see these companies plus those who provide data on Lease/Sales Transactions, Ownership Info, Mortgage/Financial Data, Property Data, Short-term/Coworking Space, Demographics, Geolocation and Broker Databases.

52 Commercial Real Estate Data Services

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