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This Month in CRE Tech - October 2015

Oct 27, 2015

Pierce Neinken has done it again! For the third year in a row, hundreds of industry leaders and tech companies came together in New York City to connect on what's new in CRE tech. We were honored to participate in the sold-out CRE // Tech Intersect conference last Thursday, and very much appreciate Pierce and the event team for facilitating a larger conversation about how technology is changing the commercial real estate business! We love hearing about new technology in CRE and wanted to highlight some of the new up-and-coming companies in the industry who were also at the event.

managed-by-qManaged by Q
Q makes it easy to run an office by providing cleaning and other smart services to help office operations run smoothly. The service includes an iPad that’s installed for free in the office, enabling office managers and teams to devise cleaning schedules, restock supplies, and order on-demand handymen. Q automatically tracks your previous usage data to predict the right amount of supplies you need for the next month.

The Supplies Tracker lets everyone in the office alert the office manager when they are out of stock on supplies – whether it's coffee, cereal, or paper clips. The Tracker then puts everything neatly into a web dashboard for the office manager, who can see a list of what's needed. The service is currently available in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Rifiniti provides enterprise workplace business intelligence to help companies optimize their office space and workflow. Its web-based software platform, Optimo, measures actual space utilization, total cost of occupancy (TCO), and employee mobility on portfolio, regional, city, campus, building, floor, room, and departmental levels.

workplace business intelligence dashboard enables directors of real estate and workplace services to understand how their office space is being used in order to rightsize portfolios, space programs and designs to reduce costs and maximize employee productivity, innovation and satisfaction.

A new company based out of Chicago, Cartofront unveiled its software for the first time at CRE // Tech Intersect. It provides crucial transit-oriented data points for real estate agents seeking unique opportunities in their communities. According to a LinkedIn post written by Cartofront's Nathan Glaisner, the first release for the company's predictive mapping software will be focused on Chicago real estate:

"Cartofront is attracting Chicago developers due to its up-to-date mapping software, which includes Chicago’s recently introduced transit oriented development (TOD) reform ordinance. The TOD ordinance, which loosens parking and density requirements, is projected to generate millions of dollars in tax revenue by encouraging development near Chicago Transit Authority and Metra rail stations."

TransitScreen is a real-time display of all transportation options at a location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare).

Founded in 2012, TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions – and so that businesses can make smart decisions about where to locate their offices. TransitScreen is a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solution to create sustainable, walkable, bike-able cities of the future and inform citizens, promote behavior change, and reduce parking and traffic on city streets.

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Written by Kim Howard

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