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Throwback Thursday: 7 ways your life was different before modern CRM

May 11, 2017

Lightning and Apto Mobile App-320x240.pngRemember the days of clunky car phones, cutting-edge pagers, the Spice Girls and slap tape? As the internet indulges its nostalgia for #tbt, we got to thinking about what life was like pre-Apto.

How many of these do you remember?

1. Your desktop was the boss of you.

Remember that great tool you had to manage contacts and properties...that only worked on your desktop? There you’d be, shaking hands and showing properties, and there’d be your desktop, back at the office doing a whole bunch of nothing.

Today, thanks to Apto, your data goes with you wherever you are. “When you do over 80 leases in a year, being able to access up-to-date information instantly, from any device, is critical!” says Wil Catlin, Managing Director & Senior Partner at Boston Realty Advisors.

2. You had sketchy data security.

Remember installing 42 software updates on every single computer? One moment, you’d be staring at that spinning hourglass, and the next you’d be snapping out of a trance and wondering what just happened. Were things on your system always up to date? Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody can say for sure...

Thankfully, everything is simpler—and more secure—now. "We prefer a cloud-based solution for the security and convenience. We don’t have to update 15 desktops when an upgrade comes out or maintain servers,” says Brent Smith, Managing Director, San Antonio Commercial Advisors.

3. You never really saw the whole picture.

Before Apto, how did you keep track of all the contacts and connections related to a deal? It used to be tough to untangle that web of relationships, but now it’s simple and instantaneous.

“I can pull up a property and see any related lawyers, architects, or insurance contacts,” says John Viggers, Director - Regional Vice President, NAI Optimum. “Another advantage is the ability to look up contacts you’ve worked with in the past when you’re working a deal. Having all the information related to past and current deals adds a level of professionalism that’s hard to do if you’re not using a CRM.”

4. You were always telling clients, “I’ll get back to you on that."

Remember when a client would ask how things were going? You'd say, “I’ll get back to you!” and then spend the rest of the afternoon tracking down scattered bits of information to report back on.

Apto spares you the scavenger hunt. “Having instant reports and client information is extremely valuable to us,” says Doug Banerjee, Managing Director at Greysteel. “We don’t have to dig through emails, update spreadsheets or forward messages to get the information we need."

5. You spent more time staying organized than going after opportunities.

Remember when you spent all your time keeping track of where you were in the business—but not actually generating more business? Yeah, we do too.

“[In the past] I found myself keeping track of all elements of my pipeline in separate places,” says Mike Woldman of Element Commercial Group - Rockford. “There was too much I was trying to keep organized in too many different applications and trying to store lead-related information in my head. I found myself losing deals due to poor tracking."

6. You settled for “sort of good enough” solutions.

Remember when you made do with “good enough” but not “perfect” CRM options for commercial real estate? You’d enter data into a field labeled one thing but that really meant another, and you’d spend more time creating workarounds than actually working.

Our founder had the same problem—so he decided to solve it. “Apto wasn’t a solution in a different vertical trying to add on a new revenue stream. It’s a solution tailored to real estate, and it solves common problems in the industry,” says Smith.

7. You’d wake up in the middle of the night in a panic.

And then there were all those sleepless nights...

“We joke that we used to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if we forgot to do something important!” says Annie Koch, Vice President at STREAM Capital Partners. "But that doesn’t happen anymore because we’re able to set reminders in Apto and everything is logged. If we need to check that an activity was completed, we check Apto first.”

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