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Tips for Strategic Social Media Use

Nov 24, 2015

Social media can be the best thing that’s ever happened to your commercial real estate business – or the worst. There are both advantages and disadvantages to being able to put every thought, feeling and musing out into the world with the simple touch of a button.

If this idea sounds scary, don’t fret. Social media very much wants to be your friend – as long as you develop a healthy relationship with it and respect its boundaries. Used wisely, it’s a powerful tool for building credibility and visibility in your market.

Check out these tips below and click on the infographic to the right for a handy guide on strategic social media use!

social_media__6_-433430-edited.pngOffer something useful to your audience, whether it’s a resource, insight or even a laugh.

Chances are, many of the people who “Like” your Facebook page or follow your Instagram or Twitter handles do so because they have either had a positive experience with your company or they are interested in some aspect of your business or personal expertise. In either case, commercial real estate is a service-based industry, so serve you shall.

This extends to social media as well, where the information you choose to disseminate to followers should provide something of value. Do you have tips to help them do their job better? Comments on a market report? A funny, work-appropriate CRE-related meme? Share them.

And remember, your clients and audience have a lot of content coming across their chosen devices and channels every second. To get noticed, you have to make sure yours counts. What can you tell them that they may not have known before? What kind of incentive can you provide to loyal followers that your competitors cannot? How can you show off the fun, yet professional side of your personality that will allow potential clients to get to know you and connect with you through a little glowing screen?

Learn from other brokers who are using social media to share useful insights and demonstrate their expertise by checking out @allencbuchanan, @BarbiReuter, @CoyDavidsonCRE, @1adriannoriega, @IDollyLenz and @rpliska.

Follow the 80/20 rule of self promotion.

It’s only natural that we want to put ourselves front and center on our personalized social media channels. After all, people have gone out of their way to make sure they will see any musing you choose to send out into the ether. But just because you can talk about your business 24/7 doesn’t mean you should.

A healthy balance is the key to any relationship, and social media is no different. A general rule of thumb to follow with social media posts is the 80/20 ratio. This rule states that only 20 percent of your content should be self-promotional in nature. These are posts that tout you and your firm’s latest accomplishments or that outline why your firm is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. Followers are aware they will hear about your firm just by the very nature of the fact they’ve chosen to subscribe to your social media channels. But you must remember why they chose to subscribe: they admire your business, are in need of your services and/or trust you as an expert authority in your given field.

Don’t let them down by filling their feeds with posts that detail why you’re so great. Orient the majority of your content around helping them, and the business will follow.

Use existing content, but consider creating your own as well.

You can combat self-promotional tendencies by actively seeking and sharing content that can enhance your followers’ quality of life. In terms of commercial real estate, you’ll want to focus on content that may impact their investment and business decisions. New building trends, a drop in interest rates or a profile highlighting the next burgeoning submarket may all be of value to your readers.

You can pass on this news by sharing links to already published stories from news outlets, but you should also consider authoring your own blog posts. Manning your own blog – and driving traffic to it through social media – is a great way to position yourself as an expert in a given topic. You can start slow, but it’s important to build up a steady schedule of content to establish consistency and trust. It also helps build top-of-mind awareness and optimizes your website for search results.

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The Apto Team

Written by The Apto Team

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