Vision, perception, reality: The key to working your deals is in the balance

Like many kids growing up in a bucolic yet blue-collar part of the Midwest, I had to exercise my imagination when it came to more glamorous landscapes that featured mountains, oceans, or skyscrapers. Thankfully I had Chicago and its architecture to inspire me and ground my thinking about place.

That imagination turned to vision as I devoured movies and TV shows about places like Beverly Hills, Miami, and New York. The more I saw on the screen, the more I felt I understood, the more I felt some version of those cities’ realities.

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What to know about the 3 disruptive technologies gunning for your job

From cashiers to car washes, weve watched technology reshape industries and eliminate jobs through increased automation.

While many of us may have thought more complex roles and industries would remain sheltered from increasingly advanced technology, a recent report by Remit Consulting said 88% of the core tasks performed by real estate service firms are ripe for technological takeover.

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Beyond Amazon and Whole Foods: What’s next for the grocery sector?

Amazons pending $13.7B acquisition of Whole Foods Market is bound to disrupt the grocery sector, yet the deal is not the only thing changing the $5.3 trillion dollar industry.

To understand what the industrys change means for commercial real estate, its essential to examine both the Amazon deal and other shifting dynamics, including the growth of online shopping and expanding discount grocers. From Amazon to evolving customer habits, the grocery sector is experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption.

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WeWork’s evolution could keep disrupting office markets

WeWork has been disrupting the office sector for the last seven years. Now, the company is moving to take on industry giants like JLL and CBRE through a new business that directly targets large, corporate clients. The company also launched its own real estate investment arm and has plans to drastically increase its real estate footprint this year. 

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[Slideshare] Your day in commercial real estate, 1997 vs. 2017

How have you noticed commercial real estate changing over the years? If you’ve been in brokerage long, you’ve probably noticed some new technology popping up—and your younger coworkers probably have some new habits and priorities, too.

If you get right down to it, there’s probably a lot in your day to day that’s different.

Earlier this year we published an infographic about that change, and since it’s been among our most popular content to date, we wanted to share the slides, too.

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[Short story] Future Office: The Adventures of Hannah and Skip

Never believe anyone peddling either nostalgia or a certainty about the future.

Fiction is the way to go. You get to explore the realm of possibilities and entertain new ideas while still maintaining a sense of realism and anticipation. And perhaps most importantly, it’s fun.

We wanted to try something a little different this week. There’s plenty you can read about 3D property tours, drones, the Internet of Things, driverless cars, etc. and how those technologies will impact commercial real estate. But let’s push it out a bit further in time and focus in on the people―specially, one person and her family―and how they might operate in a world seemingly ruled by technology.

Below, you can read an excerpt of the first part of our fictional series, Future Office: The Adventures of Hannah and Skip. Then read the rest, and subscribe for updates on the next installment.

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How commercial real estate can attract top talent to become the next Wall Street for college grads

There’s a rumbling throughout the commercial real estate brokerage business. The industry appears to be attracting a higher caliber of sales talent than ever before. The extended real estate boom and the aggressive push that many brokerages have made to revitalize their talent pools have helped make the industry an attractive destination for smart, ambitious graduates.

I’m impressed with the new wave of recruits I’ve met at firms around the nation—brokers with degrees from top universities and, perhaps more importantly, that distinct hunger that marks a salesperson bound for greatness.

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3 articles to convince you to ditch Excel for good

Despite all the recent advances and innovation in CRE technology, many brokers tell us they still use Excel spreadsheets to keep their business organized. Whether they’re maintaining contact details, commission records, or deal reports, many brokers still rely heavily on a system that segregates their data, making it harder to use that data effectively.

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How Zappos, Adobe, and more are creating workspaces that bring people together

As more companies put a premium on collaboration, they’re on the lookout for office space that has the power to bring people together. And as a broker, it pays to be aware of this trend, because it’s going to change how you pitch your properties.

“Developers are transforming the commercial office building model as they refocus on their tenants’ need to recruit a younger, more creative and collaborative workforce,” says design firm Gensler. “Literally every building type is in play now, including towers in the downtown core."

Here’s how spaces are becoming more collaborative and shaking up the way we work:

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6 booming CRE specialties that probably didn’t exist when you were a kid

The commercial real estate industry has always been subject to the volatility of the industries it strives to serve, so when shifts in technology, demographics and world affairs call for progress and evolution, brokers and other CRE professionals need to be prepared to act.

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