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3 ways transit-oriented developments are reshaping our downtowns

By The Apto Team on Dec 27, 2016

downtown-741314-edited.jpgDowntowns all over the U.S. are undergoing a development shift thanks to millennials, baby boomers and a general change in the way people view renting vs. owning.

Many of the dense urban cores in the country’s most popular downtowns and metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) have become so popular and congested that it is no longer possible for all the residents, workers and visitors to park near their destinations. Not that many would want to drive in some of these cities anyway—the traffic surrounding the most congested cores (such as Midtown Manhattan, SoMa in San Francisco and Downtown Los Angeles) is so bad it can add hours to a roundtrip commute.

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Get ready—mobility is going to change the world of retail CRE

By Nell Gable on Dec 21, 2016

city green-798076-edited.jpeg2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the mobility industry. We might soon see completely autonomously driving cars on the road, while ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft are taking us closer to not even needing to own a car at all.

As a commercial real estate professional, these trends are sure to rock your world, so you’d be wise to pay attention. Here, we’ll run through some potential effects these shifts in mobility could have on the commercial real estate industry.

But first, let’s take a step back…

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How movies are boosting experiential retail for shopping centers

By Ian Ritter on Nov 30, 2016

AMC dine in-988468-edited.jpgCinemas often take a backseat to other tenants in shopping centers, but a recent deal in this retail-entertainment sector has pushed it into the spotlight.

AMC Theatres is now the nation’s largest movie theater chain after its acquisition of Carmike Cinemas for $1.2 billion. The deal gives AMC about 3,000 more screens, bringing its total to just over 8,200 with 659 theaters in total.

Given the magnitude of the transaction, it’s a good time to take a look at the role of movie theaters in experiential retail, which can help combat the effects of online shopping.

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Why brokers should keep an eye on coworking spaces

By Nell Gable on Oct 17, 2016

galvanize-denver-workarea-380435-edited.jpgEvery broker dreams of landing the next Facebook or Uber as a client, but with thousands of new startups cropping up every year, do you even know where to find the next potential unicorn company? And, more importantly, do those future unicorns know where to find you?

Topics: Disruption
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Broker beware: 4 kinds of tech shaking up the CRE scene

By Ian Ritter on Aug 22, 2016

Robots-937271-edited.jpegAre you worried about disintermediation at the hands of our merciless robotic overlords? Do you feel powerless to stem the onslaught of new technology? Try using it to your advantage instead.

In-person meetings, conferences and personal networking aren’t going away. But innovative new technologies are changing the game for commercial real estate, and brokers need to learn how to use them to their advantage. While many are wringing their hands at potential disintermediation, these innovations don’t have to be harbingers of doom.

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Crowdfunding 101 for commercial real estate

By The Apto Team on Jun 28, 2016

Crowdfunding_for_commercial_real_estate.jpegOver the past decade or so, crowdfunding has been gaining popularity. Defined as the “practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, today often performed via internet-mediated registries,” it’s used by artists, inventors and entrepreneurs alike.

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From traditional to creative: How to find spaces for next gen companies

By The Apto Team on Jun 13, 2016

galvanize-denver-workarea.jpgToday’s tech-forward companies need workspaces just like everyone else does, but their offices rarely resemble the traditional layouts so many seasoned brokers are used to selling.

While law firms, banks and many other companies still conform to the traditional cubicle format with private offices lining the perimeter, companies within more creative industries like media, advertising and technology are looking for spaces as imaginative as the products and services they provide.

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Get inspired by 5 of our favorite TED Talks for CRE brokers

By Elizabeth Knight on May 16, 2016

ted-talk-750562-edited-839333-edited.jpgTired, burned out, or otherwise worn down by the daily grind? Been there.

In the struggle to find new clients, tour properties, toil over paperwork and close the &%$(@* deal, it’s sometimes easy to forget what you drew you to the business in the first place.

Take a quick break with one (or five) of these TED talks. They’re all at least tangentially related to commercial real estate, and they can help you step back and gain a fresh perspective on the communities and professional environment you’re part of.

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What Big Data can actually do for your brokerage

By Matt Orr on Apr 26, 2016

building-big_data.jpegWhen did you get sick of hearing about “Big Data”? Was it 2012? 2009? Before that?

It’s still a buzz phrase in pretty much every industry, and CRE is no exception. Unfortunately, it’s misused or misunderstood more often than not. If you were to ask 10 of your peers, “What is Big Data?”, you’d likely get 10 different answers. And if you followed that up with: “How can we use Big Data to help our brokerage?”, the response may sound like a symphony of crickets.

Even people who write about it often only get part of the story. Big Data can give you all the information you need to grow your businessbut what does that really mean?

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How to Prepare for a CRM Implementation [Infographic]

By The Apto Team on Dec 7, 2015

Setting up a new CRM can work wonders for your business, but the process it takes to implement it is not always fun.

We got our resident implementation expert Lauren Hinson to provide some insight to make the process easier. Lauren helps our customers through this process day in and day out, so she knows a thing or two about how best to prepare.

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