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Why people think Amazon may buy Target and what a deal would mean for CRE

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Jan 16, 2018

amazon-target-320x180.jpgAfter buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, it seems like everyone has the same question: who will Amazon buy next? Predictions range from the sensible to the outlandish, yet of all possible contenders, Target is getting the most attention.

Well-known technology analyst Gene Munster recently predicted Amazon will buy Target sometime this year. With a current market cap approaching $42 billion, that’s a bold prediction, but it’s not unbelievable. Yet the deal is certainly not a sure thing and there are good reasons to think it won’t become a reality. While nobody can say for sure if Amazon will move to acquire Target, any potential deal would have an enormous impact on retail real estate and the technology it depends on.

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What to know about cannabis real estate, and what might be changing

By Nell Gable on Jan 8, 2018

alexandre-chambon-157651.jpgThose interested in the cannabis industry will have a lot to talk about in the coming months.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis sales in California, which went into effect on January 1, 2018, there are a total of nine states where the average citizen can purchase marijuana products, so long as they are over the age of 21. Medical marijuana is legal in a total of 29 states.

The softening of state and federal drug laws in recent years has allowed the cannabis industry to flourish, posting close to $29 billion in sales in 2018.

With this spike in demand for recreational marijuana came a dramatic increase in demand for cannabis-suitable real estate. While the laws and regulations surrounding this specialty are tricky, and can even foreseeably get brokers and other agents involved in transactions into legal trouble, professionals who take a chance on pot stand a lot to gain.

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What to know about the 3 cities offering Amazon the biggest incentives to house HQ2

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Dec 5, 2017

amazon hq2-320x213.jpgEarly next year Amazon will choose one North American city to house its second headquarters. The company welcomed city proposals to explain why Amazon should build its $5 billion campus and create some 50,000 jobs within their borders, and no less than 238 cities responded.

While some bidders are trying to attract the king of e-commerce with outlandish proposals involving name changes and oversized cacti, most are hoping to woo the company with land and tax incentives. These three cities are offering Amazon more than the rest.

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Update from ULI: 4 emerging trends to take advantage of in 2018

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Nov 20, 2017

ET-Cropped-600x600-177559-edited.jpgEvery commercial real estate professional knows it’s essential to stay ahead of market trends.

To help people understand the industry’s evolving dynamics, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PwC recently published their seminal Emerging Trends in Real Estate report.

From the enormous disruption in the retail sector to industrial’s seemingly unstoppable growth, 2018 promises to be a year of change and opportunity. While ULI’s report covers many developing trends, we decided to hone in on four of the most significant.

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Glorified LEGOs? Deconstructing the latest trend in CRE + 4 examples

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Nov 13, 2017

iker-urteaga-246955.jpgModular construction could revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. From hotels to highrises, developers are turning to prefabricated buildings to complete projects faster, bypass the construction labor shortage and decrease costs.

While building something one place and assembling it in another is hardly a new idea, there are many misconceptions surrounding modular construction and its role in the industry. But thats beginning to change, and whether its a new Marriott hotel or a multifamily building in Brooklyn, modular construction is here to stay.

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3 ways retail can keep brick and mortar relevant

By The Apto Team on Nov 6, 2017

retail-outdoor-space-641645-edited.jpgDo you remember shopping with your parents when you were a kid and enjoying an ice cream as payoff? Even though retail has changed dramatically in recent years, that combination of experiences in your memory is what is helping keep brick and mortar retail stores relevant today.

Despite the rise in online retail, there are still reasons why some customers prefer in-store experiences. Some want to physically touch the product, browse more options, or just the enjoy shopping experience itself.

It’s a competitive market, but there are ways traditional retail stores can keep customers coming through their doors.

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Why office design is incorporating spaceship technology

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Oct 24, 2017

spaceship-technology-blog.jpgNot all office space is created equal. Employees are more productive when they are happy and healthy, and that’s why companies are always trying to make their offices better.

While stellar office design helps employees do their best work, some businesses are moving one step beyond design and focusing on technology. From controlling indoor air pollution to optimizing temperature and lighting, modern offices are using spaceship-esque technology to increase worker productivity.

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Last-mile distribution: 6 things to know about how it’s affecting CRE

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 23, 2017

last-mile-blog-320x213.jpegE-commerce may be thriving online, but people forget that its success depends entirely on physical space: the distribution centers that keep things stocked and ready for delivery.

With online shopping on the rise, the demand for last-mile distribution space is growing—and it's ushering in a boom for the commercial real estate industry. For example, in the Bay Area, consumer demand for near-instant delivery has led to a 10% price increase for warehouse space. That’s in just two years.

So what does the future hold for brokers who hone in on this major opportunity? Here’s what you need to know.

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The hurricane effect: How extreme weather impacts CRE

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 11, 2017

hurricane-harvey-320x252.jpgIt’s been a hurricane season unlike any other, with four major storms hitting U.S. shores within weeks of each other: first Harvey, then Irma, Maria, and Nate. In the calm between the lashing wind and rain, we’re stopping to ask: What exactly does this all mean for CRE?

Today, we’re taking stock of the impact these storms have had on commercial real estate in three affected regions. Here’s where things stand:

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Who’s getting Amazon’s new HQ? Here are our predictions.

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 4, 2017

amazon hq2-320x213.jpgLast month, we got the big news: Amazon’s scoping out a second headquarters that could bring $5 billion in new construction and up to 50,000 new jobs.

Since then, cities have been fervently vying for the chance to land “Amazon HQ2,” submitting their bids ahead of the October 19th deadline set by the company.

So what’s in it for cities willing to offer up tax incentives, relocation subsidies, donated land, and more—like renaming themselves Amazon? If the past is any indicator, Amazon HQ2 could be a success story similar to Seattle’s, where the company has generated an estimated $38 billion in indirect investment between 2010 and 2016.

Could your city be the lucky one to land HQ2? Let’s take a look at who’s got the best shot, who’s in the running, and who may ultimately win.

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