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“It went from taking 4 hours of a day to 30 minutes of a day.”

By The Apto Team on Jan 3, 2018

Jules Hochman of Denver-based Pinnacle Real Estate Group leads a six-person team within his firm. With four brokers, a transaction manager, and an executive assistant, they’ve found a niche in multifamily and retail.

He’s been in the business for a couple decades, and the biggest change he’s seen is the rise of technology. Now, he acknowledges that “as a broker, you always want to do more business, and without technology you can’t.”

Fortunately, he’s found a tool that gives his team more time and lets them get more transactions done.

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Two inspiring broker stories to help you rise above big challenges

By Irena Ashcraft on Dec 13, 2017

broker-buildings 320x213.jpgIf CRE brokerage has been smooth sailing for you, count yourself as one of the lucky (and rare) ones! Most brokers have to work hard to overcome personal challenges and tough lessons learned along the way, but those who do come out all the better for it.

We asked a couple of brokers about the biggest challenges they’ve faced in their careers, and how they have dealt with them. We think you’ll enjoy their stories: there’s wisdom in each that all of us can learn from!

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How Baum Realty Group uses tech to get more deals done

By The Apto Team on Dec 11, 2017

Baum Realty is a retail brokerage firm based in Chicago, IL. For years they’d been struggling with a siloed tech stack and data spread across a variety of sources and tools.

And then they switched to Apto.

As Mike Demetriou, President of Baum Realty Group put it: "It's unusual that you can find a piece of technology you can actually ascribe to getting a deal done, and therefore monetize the investment you made in technology."

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Brokers respond: Who do you admire most in this industry, and why?

By Irena Ashcraft on Nov 30, 2017

man-suit-coffee-064577-edited.jpgWhether it’s a mentor, an older colleague, or even a competitor, chances are you’ve looked at a person you admire and said, “Wow, how do they do that? I’d love to get to their level.”

We asked a few brokers about those people in the industry who’ve stood out most to them—and why—and here’s what we found out. Here’s three cheers for the people who inspire us to do better and be better on a daily basis.

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12 Broker Insights: Tips, Secrets, and Advice from the Field [ebook]

By Elizabeth Knight on Nov 9, 2017

APTO_12 insights_cover (1).pngYou have a broad network of contacts in the commercial real estate world, and so do we. We love hearing stories from brokers about their lives and careersthe best advice they ever received, the twists and turns that led them to unexpected places, and more.

We thought you might like to hear about your peers' experiences as well. Download and peruse this free ebook for advice from top performers, tips for those just starting out, in-depth interviews, and more.

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Where do the best leads come from? 5 brokers weigh in.

By Irena Ashcraft on Nov 2, 2017

biz-networking-320x213.jpgWhere do you find great leads? Recently, we asked brokers about their go-to strategies for drumming up new business. Some confirmed that tried-and-true methods—like picking up the phone—worked best for them. And some surprised us with fresh ideas we hadn’t considered before.

Here’s what we discovered:

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Your scariest CRE horror stories, pt. 2

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 31, 2017

haunted-buildings-black-white-320x160.jpegFollowing last week’s CRE horror stories, we’re bringing you more spooky tales to start your Halloween off right.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy a good scare!

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Your scariest CRE horror stories, pt. 1

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 26, 2017

broker-balloon-dark 320x213.jpgIf ghosts and goblins don’t get your heart thumping, these CRE stories will. We reached out to brokers across the country to ask about the one time in their careers that things went horribly wrong. And they responded with truly terrifying tales sure to give you chills…or at least a good chuckle!

Read on for the best of our CRE horror stories, and leave your own in the comments!

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Q&A: Anthony Grosso of First National Realty Partners on building private equity success in CRE

By Erik Dolan-Del Vecchio on Oct 25, 2017

589bcd27b36f2_Office_building_office_market_skyscraper_offices-320x219.jpegFour and a half years ago Anthony Grosso co-founded First National Realty Partners in suburban New Jersey. Today, his private equity firm has a team of over 20 professionals and manages a substantial portfolio of retail, office, industrial and multifamily assets.

From building a private equity firm from scratch to finding the perfect deal, Anthony shared his experiences on what it takes to succeed in the world of CRE.

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3 strategies for women to succeed in CRE: An interview with Joanna Chango-James

By Irena Ashcraft on Oct 5, 2017

women-business-suits-round-table-320x180.jpegWe recently explored why having more women in CRE can be a very good thing for business, and how brokerages can make themselves more attractive to women. Today, we’re taking a look at it from the opposite angle, with thoughts on how aspiring female brokers can position themselves to be more successful in the field.

For today’s insights, we turned to Joanna Chango-James, Phd., a psychologist and leadership consultant who helps women maximize their potential in the workplace. Here’s what she had to say.

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