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Uncover hidden CRE opportunities where other brokers aren’t looking

Jul 22, 2016

pokemon-go-278292-edited.jpgIf you haven’t bumped into them by now—well, they’ve probably bumped into you. We’re talking about the droves of people roaming across town, phones in hand, in hot pursuit of Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is the augmented reality game that takes the physical world as seen through your phone’s camera lens and overlays it with a virtual fantasy realm teeming with monsters to catch, tame and train. It’s so popular that it’s already overtaking Twitter and Netflix in daily use—and surprising the owners of small local shops who suddenly have a stampede of people at their door.

But what Pokémon has given us is not so much a crew of pocket-sized monsters but an entirely new way to interact with the world. And it’s a broad trend that could have a major impact on commercial real estate.

Think about it: we may one day be using augmented reality to layer virtual landscaping and design elements onto a vacant space for property tours, or to liven up commercial districts and promote foot traffic through Pokémon-style incentives.

Sometimes the most interesting opportunities come from unexpected sources.

So where do you find the future trends and ideas that can spark new business?

While we follow a number of CRE-specific blogs and websites, we also think it's smart to cast a wider net. Here’s a rundown of resources that don’t necessarily focus on commercial real estate but which can still illuminate our industry and point the way to fresh opportunities:

Where do you turn for inspiration? Let us know which non-industry resources you use most for spotting CRE opportunities!

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Irena Ashcraft

Written by Irena Ashcraft

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